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Trade Returns to protect

Meet the following conditions, you can demand a replacement

  1. Customers in receipt of the goods before the deliveryman face to face unpacking goods have quality problems;
  2. Actually received the goods and on the website described differ widely.
A replacement processesCustomers face to face require delivery personnel to return the goods, then contact us. We will redeliver the goods arrive at the time extended

Meet the following conditions, you can request a return

  1. Within two days after the customer receives the goods, goods manufacturing defects
  2. Goods after a replacement but still quality problems
  3. Due to human causes than we promised arrival of the five days of the date not received the goods
Return ProcessCustomers within two days after the receipt of the goods, contact us within three working days to return your payment by bank transfer

In the following cases, we have the right to refuse the Return

  1. The goods appear damaged, but no receipt on the spot delivery personnel replacement
  2. More than Return of the Return period requirements
  3. Returns objects are incomplete or the appearance of impairment
  4. Customer shipping documents are missing or incomplete
  5. The products are not available
  6. The goods themselves no quality problems