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无菌管针 Acupuncture needle with tube for single use

无菌管针 Acupuncture needle with tube for single use

  • Product Number:AN 22
  • Item No.:AN 22
  • Unit:100X1
  • Market Price: ¥19.20
  • Offer Price: ¥16.00
  (stock 9999+)

 无菌管装针灸针 Acupuncture needle with tube for single use

 safety pin and copper handle.

100 needle each box
sheets each box
5 needles with tube each sheet
1 needle each blister pack


Diameter and  Lenght

 0.20X13 0.20X25 0.25x25  0.25X40 0.30X40

One of the world largest selections of professional, clinical acupuncture needles.

We always have a wide variety of acupuncture needles in stock - more than 15 million needles and counting.

Our brand is the world famous Cloud & Dragon needle of which we are the sole distributor in Scandinavian.

We also have a wide selection of traditional acupuncture products such as models, massage tables, books, lasers, moxa and much more.
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