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Tips on online payment

1、The opening of bank card online payment procedures

Different around the bank policy, it is recommended that in the online payment, call the local bank of telephone consultation with the bank for online payment bank card types and opening procedures
Bank Name Service Hotline Bank Name Service Hotline Bank Name Service Hotline
招商银行 95555 中国银行 95566 交通银行 95559
中国工商银行 95588 北京银行 010-96169 光大银行 95595
中国建设银行 95533 中国农业银行 95599 深圳发展银行 95501
上海浦东发展银行 95528 广东发展银行 95508 中国邮政 11185
民生银行 95568 华夏银行 95577 中信银行 86668888

2、The maximum amount to be paid

Have a certain amount of restrictions on banks for online payment, the banks policy, it is recommended that you consult the relevant matters to the bank when you apply for online payment feature.

3、How to determine whether the online payment

  1. When you complete the online payment process, the system should be prompted to pay for success; if the system does not prompt payment of the failure or success, you can by phone, atm, counter or login to online banking and other various ways to check bank card balance, if the payment has been deducted, on-line payment transaction is successful, please be patient
  2. If the credit card excess overdraft balance is less than passbook accidental disconnection as a result of the payment is unsuccessful, please login the member center, to find the sheets of non-payment orders, re-complete the payment
Tips: Please complete payment within 48 hours, otherwise we will not retain your order。

4、What are the reasons resulting in "payment denied"

  1. Held by the bank card has not yet opened online online payment
  2. Held by the bank card is expired, invalid, report the loss
  3. Balance held by bank card
  4. Enter your bank card number or password does not match
  5. Enter the document number does not match
  6. Abnormal data transmission in the banking system
  7. Network outages